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Why Vending Machines Are Not Popular In India?

India and its ‘Kirana store’ (corner convenience store) culture dates long back. Over the years, this culture evolved us into the consumers Indians are today.A technology which is so popular in the US that people are willing to pay a price higher for a commodity from...

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How Can A Vending Machine Be Popular In India?

In the recent years, India has started to embrace the idea of vending machines. With consumers still recovering from the rumbles of demonetization, almost every sector faced the opportunity to expand their businesses in a different direction and be more present with...

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How Does a Vending Machine Work?

From parks to malls, schools to offices, gas stations to apartment buildings – you see vending machines all around you. We all have used these machines multiple times in our lives. But have you ever wondered how does a vending machine work? We are here to address your...

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