Sell anything you want with Wendor vending machines.

Wendor Mini - Vending Machine
Wendor Mini

Smaller items in less quantity? No worries. Wall Mounted Wendor Mini is ideal for Sanitary Napkins, Earphones, Chargers, cigarette boxes, condoms etc.

Wendor Mark - Vending Machine
Wendor Slim

State of the art ambient Vending Machine with beautiful sleek design for all locations with built in touch screen & cashless payment modes.

Wendor Titan - Vending Machine
Wendor Ambient

Comes in Ambient cariant. The most suited Vending Machine for non refrigerated items in Indian market.

Wendor Atlas - Vending Machine
Wendor Atlas

Wendor Atlas is the smart combo vending machine for all your needs. 5 wide 5 trays, multiple variety machine.

Wendor Nova - Vending Machine
Wendor Nova+

Elevator Vending Machine with greater user appeal & experience of 22″ wide touch screen. For all your delicate items to not drop down from a height.

Wendor Nova - Vending Machine
Wendor Custom

Need a Custom Vending Machine?

Wendor excels in customizing vending machines, not just the hardware, but more importantly, the software as well.

Transactions Processed

Refillers Managed


What makes us different from others?

A one-stop solution for all your vending needs. We have all your answers. Choose from a variety range of vending machines according to the product and location.


Touch Panel

Smart vending machine with an inbuilt touchscreen- simple and easy to use. Select-Scan-Pay-Vend


Keep a different variety of products from packaged snacks to homemade food. From medicines to footwear. From cosmetics to electronics. Anything

Inventory Management

You do not need to visit a Wendor machine every time you want to know the inventory update. It’s all there right on your phone.

Still confused?

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