Sell anything you want with Wendor vending machines.

Wendor Mini

Smaller items in less quantity? Sure.
Wall Mounted Wendor mini is the ideal for Sanitary Napkins, Earphones, Chargers, Cigarette boxes etc.

Wendor Mark

A state of the art anbient Vending Machine with beautiful sleek design for all locations With built in touch screen and cashless payment system.


Wendor Titan Series

Comes in variants of Ambient, Combo and fully Refrigerated. Go To Vending machine for all uses cases in the Indian market.

Wendor Nova

Great user attraction and experience with 22″ Touch screen elevator vending machine. Grand size of Wendor Nova reduces your refilling cycles. 

Wendor Atlas Series

Atlas is the smart locker style vending solution flexible for all kinds of products with the same power and reliability of Wendor Cloud.

Transactions Processed

Refillers Managed


What makes us different from others?

A one-stop solution for all your vending needs. We have all your answers. Choose from a variety range of vending machines according to the product and location.


Touch Panel

Smart vending machine with an inbuilt touchscreen- simple and easy to use. Select-Scan-Pay-Vend


Keep a different variety of products from packaged snacks to homemade food. From medicines to footwear. From cosmetics to electronics. Anything

Inventory Management

You do not need to visit a Wendor machine every time you want to know the inventory update. It’s all there right on your phone.

Still confused?

Get in touch, we can help you decide.