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Wendor Atlas - Vending Machine
Wendor Atlas

Wendor Atlas is the smart combo vending machine for all your needs. It comes with lots of flexibility with 7″, 10″ and 13″ screen options with customizable tray height.

Wendor Nova - Vending Machine
Wendor Nova+

Elevator Vending Machine with greater user appeal & experience of 22″ wide touch screen. For all your delicate items to not drop down from a height.

Wendor Nova - Vending Machine
Wendor Locker
Convenient and secure way to purchase and retrieve your products! With its innovative design, this machine offers a safe and efficient way to purchase items on-the-go.
Wendor Titan - Vending Machine
Wendor Ambient

Comes in Ambient variant. The most suited Vending Machine for non refrigerated items like snacks stationary and lots of grocery item that don’t require refrigeration.

Wendor Mark - Vending Machine
Wendor Slim

State of the art ambient Vending Machine with beautiful sleek design for all locations with built in touch screen & cashless payment modes.

Wendor Mini - Vending Machine
Wendor Mini

Smaller items in less quantity? No worries. Wall Mounted Wendor Mini is ideal for Sanitary Napkins, Earphones, Chargers, cigarette boxes, condoms etc.

Wendor Titan - Vending Machine
Wendor Frozone

The ultimate vending machine for ice cream and frozen food lovers! With its sleek and modern design, Frozone is the perfect addition to any website or online marketplace.

Wendor Mark - Vending Machine
Need a Custom ?

Wendor excels in customizing vending machines, not just the hardware, but more importantly, the software as well.

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How are we Different

Smart Vending Solutions that help retailers expand to more locations without hiring new staff and paying high rentals. A one-stop shop for all your vending needs!

Smart Automated Vending Machine
Touch Interface of Vending Machine
Touch Interface

Smart Vending Machines with an inbuilt touchscreen, easy to use and maintain.
Simply, Select → Scan → Pay → Vend.

Variety of Products in Vending Machine
Variety of Products

Anything can be sold in vending machines. Items include hot meals, fruits, electronics, toys, medical supplies, and even pet food.

Vending Machine Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Never again visit your vending machine every time you want to know the inventory update. It’s all right there at the tap on your phone!

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