Day to day operations of a vending business depends upon the number of machines you own. Larger the number of machines- more the time consumed. You can hire workers to refill your machines as well.

Task 1:

Procure your items from your wholesaler or prepare the food in the kitchen (in case you sell fresh food, fruits etc.) 

Task 2:

Plan your routes after checking which all machines need to be refilled that day. (Assuming you are smart and have a remotely controlled vending machine)

Task 3:

Load the items in your vehicle- a van if there is a lot, or packing them in a bag to ride on your two-wheeler vehicle.

Task 4:

Reach your vending machine

Task 5:

Refill the machine with the items and record the refilling either on the app or on the screen of vending machine

Task 6:

Ride back home, sit and relax. 

Isn’t this sounding easy enough to start a vending business? Depending upon the number of machines, and their location the tasks can be modified. You can hire people to procure materials for you, refill them and keep a track on every refilling via automated vending solutions.

Get a daily summary of all transactions in every vending machine on your email

Get a weekly analysis of sale on your email

Get notified of any fluctuations

Get alerts when the vending machine is empty

Check demand analysis and refill what sells faster

And money directly in your bank account

Issue automatic refunds to the customer in case of any issues.

Even add discounts on the items to increase sales

All this at the comfort of your home, without any need to visit the machine