• There are many types of vending machines available in the market according to their use. The most common ones are Snack Vending Machines, Tea/Coffee vending machines, water vending machines, sanitary napkin vending machines, Pizza vending machine and many more.
    In this blog, we’ll be talking about the vending machines which are made for snacks purposes. The ones made for snacks are also used for other products like electronics, medicines, books, cigarettes, apparel, footwear etc.
    This is one of the most common questions asked: “How much does a snack vending machine cost”? Actually it’s dependent on a lot of factors, such as which type of snack vending machine, which payment methods to integrate or any add ons and some more.
    So let us study below what factors influence the cost and what you should know before buying a vending machine.

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    The contents covered below are ( these would have jump links to directly jump to that specific part of the article )  :
    – Types of snack vending machine
    – Some specifications
    – Vending machine Payment methods and add-ons
    – Choosing between a “Refurbished Vending machine” and a “New Vending Machine”
    – Price range of a snack vending machine
    – What is the ROI on a vending machine?
    – Where to buy vending machines from?
    – Whether to buy snack vending machine or rent it ?


  • Types of vending machines:

    There are 3 types of snack vending machines you should know about. First one is known as an “Ambient Machine” which means there is no refrigeration in the machine. These types of machines are used for selling products that don’t require refrigeration such as snacks like chips, biscuits, chocolates, other eatables. These machines are also used for selling electronics(mobiles, earphones, USB’s etc….), books, cigarettes, apparels, footwear, medicines and the list goes on.

    The second one is called “Combo Machine” which means this machine has both refrigeration and non-refrigeration parts. Snacks including cold drinks, juices and other drinks/beverages which require refrigeration can be sold in these along with chips, biscuits.

    The third one is called “Beverage Vending Machine”. This is fully refrigerated and mostly used for selling beverages.

    There are further categories like Elevator vending machine and Refurbished vending machine. Elevator vending machines are costlier and generally used for fresh food products and all those products which when fall would break or get spoilt.

    Refurbished vending machines are old machines which are already used before and hence are cheaper to buy than new ones.

    Location really matters a lot in vending machines. So once you have your target audience and your location in mind then you can choose which vending machine suits you best.


  • Some Specifications:
    These machines generally have 5 trays. Depending on the product and product size 20-40 selections or varieties of products can be put in the machine. The total number of products in a machine is in the range of 200-500 products depending on the product size.


  • Vending machine Payment methods and add-ons:
    There are multiple payments methods that can be integrated with these machines. Cash payments, online payments through credit card, debit card, netbanking, Paytm, RFID, Sodexo, UPI through Google Pay, Phonepe, BHIM etc all can be integrated with the vending machine.
    Add-ons need to be purchased along with the machine. These add-ons include Cash Machine( if you want payments in cash ), Coin changer, Cashless payments module, RFID integration, Inventory Management, sales analytics etc.

    If there is any customised requirement then Wendor can make customised software as per your requirements.
    In today’s time, we don’t recommend buying any machine(if not a rare case) without cashless payments, inventory management and remote monitoring through a dedicated dashboard. These add-ons increase your overall sales, reduce your operational costs and save time.
    Based on our data with existing customers and research, having cashless payments increases consumer spending by 32% which overall increase sales. So it is always recommended to have cashless payments in your machine.


  • Choosing between a Refurbished vending machine and a New vending machine:
    This is also one of the most commonly asked questions as people get confused about which machine to buy.
    We always recommend buying a New machine over a refurbished vending machine because we have seen over a period of time being in this industry that refurbished vending machines cost less at the start but have more operating costs moving ahead. They require more maintenance, can breakdown anytime, result in more loss of sales of products and therefore are a headache to own.
    Unless you are on a very tight budget and cannot buy a new one then only should go ahead with the refurbished one.


  • Price range of a vending machine:
    As there are a lot of factors influencing the cost of the vending machine, the price range is between 1.5 lacs to 2.5 lacs depending on the type, size, features, customisation, add-ons etc.
    If you want to know further details kindly feel free to call us @XXXXXXXXXX.


  • ROI of a vending machine:
    Depending on the products sold, your target audience, location,
    it takes around 1.5 years to 2 years to recover the cost of the machine. It can be less than 1.5 years also depending on your sales. If bought a new machine, the life of the machine easily is around 9-10 years. If maintained well it can go on till 12-15 years also.
    Direct passive income opportunity for a long period of time makes owning a vending machine business a highly desirable one.
    We have a separate blog on “How to start a vending machine business in India”, which gives more details on ROI. Make sure you have a look at it.


  • Where can you get them:
    You can get machines from distributors who buy a lot of machines in bulk from the manufacturers. You can find these distributors in various cities all over India easily. These distributors provide after-sales service which is a very important part of this industry.
    You can also buy machines from the manufacturer which are very limited across the country. These manufacturers usually don’t provide after-sales service, which creates a burden on the buyer who then has to go looking for other service providers hence incurring more costs and time.
    Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide great customer service, so partner with a company that can provide great after-sales support.


  • Machine on rental basis:
    This is also one of the commonly asked questions about whether to buy or rent a vending machine. The rent of good, well-maintained snacks vending machine or a new machine is in the range of 6k to 11k per month depending on the type, features, add-ons etc. If you want to know further details kindly feel free to call us @XXXXXXXXXX.

If you are starting or planning to start a vending machine business it is always recommended to buy a new machine rather than rent it. This is because renting a vending machine is a costly affair than owning it in the long run and the ROI in renting is also less. So make an informed decision.


This is all. We hope we were able to answer some of your questions and passing the knowledge required before buying a machine.
We have other blogs as well which would give you a more detailed perspective on other topics.
Thanks for reading. If there are any further questions feel free to contact us @XXXXXXXXXX