Wendor Mark

Ambient designer vending machine

State of the art machine, ideal for office snacks. Add to your decor with our Wendor Mark. All popular cashless payment system enabled so that you never miss a sale. 

7″ Touch Screen 

Multiple Payment options


Multivend & Quickvend

Sales Analysis

User friendly machine with just two-click vending.


But Wendor Mark is more than just that

Best suited for all products

You can get very creative with your products selection. Anything having a standard packaging and doesn’t require refrigeration can be sold via Mark.

Dry snacks
Beauty Products
OTC & Health Products
Tobacco Products
Women’s Hygiene Products

Grow your offline presence with Wendor Mark


The need for an offline presence can never be eliminated. Getting products the moment we want it always overpower the feeling of getting a home delivery a day later.

Offline presence comes with the issue of real estate costs, opening up of a shop, hiring and managing staff and others. But with vending machines, these costs can be eliminated and managing them is a lot easier.



Manage with Wendor Cloud

What if I say that managing your offline business can be easier! With Wendor Cloud management system it is easy to manage your offline business. View the real time analysis of all your vending machines. Analysis your vending data and be an informed businessperson.

Dynamic refilling status

Get alerts when machine needs refilling. Updates when refilling is done, track and manage staff  activity. Saves you 25% costs

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