Wendor Titan

All-purpose vending machine

Sturdy machine for public spaces with all popular cashless methods and online management system. Get real-time updates of your machine at your dashboard.

Wendor Titan comes in three variants:

1. Ambient

2. Combo

3. Fully refrigerated

7″ Touch Screen 

Multiple Payment options


Multivend & Quickvend

Sales Analysis

User friendly machine with just two-click vending.


But Wendor Titan is more than just that

Best suited for all products

Anything that has a standard packaging can be vended via Titan be it Electronics like Earphones, Charges or FMCG like Snacks, Beverages, etc 

Snacks and Beverages
Beauty Products
Medicines & Health Products

Expand your retail store through Wendor Titan

Want to expand your store at various locations on low investment? Vending machines are a perfect option. With low investment and high returns it is unmanned and comes with easy maintenance. 



Smart Vending Management 

Manage your vending machine at your fingertips. Wendor cloud helps you identify the most popular machines and the most demanded products. Get real time analysis of the inventory and track all transactions of each machine. Get updates of dynamic refilling which reduces your operational costs.

Money directly in your bank account.

Own what you earn. Every sale directly in your bank account. Have a record of all your transactions and know your exact numbers. Be an informed decision maker

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