As technology advances, the economy shifts more and more towards automation. Cashless, contactless, and convenience (3Cs) have become the buzzwords. No wonder, vending machines, a one-point solution for the 3Cs, are gaining so much attention these days. 

However, entrepreneurs new to this industry and even the regular vending machine handlers face certain issues at the initial stage. Hence, for easy operation and maintenance of vending machines, you must be familiar with certain basics of handling them.

How To Open A Vending Machine Lock?

The Vending Machine Lock:

It is very important to know the exact technique of unlocking vending machines as it is quite different from unlocking a regular door.

When you purchase a machine, you get a key along, for simply ensuring that no one else would access the insides (both money and goods) except the owner.

This key, generally called a Barrel lock key, is very unique given its tubular shape.  

Steps For Opening A Vending Machine Lock?

For opening the vending machine, firstly you need to insert the tubular key in the key slot and rotate. This will make the T-handle or the key slot pop out. Given the nature of the T-handle, you can pull vertically or horizontally. Gently open the machine door for cash collection or stocking items in the machine.

Nowadays, many keyless vending machines are also available in the market. A pin-code system or a card-based lock allows you to put the pin or insert the card in the machine. As per the programming of the machine, your door will open for your usage.

A hybrid system of a key locking system with a dual security feature of pin-code is considered to be the most secure option. However, it can be a little expensive for small-scale vending machine owners.

How To Change A Vending Machine Lock?

One important thing that every vending machine handler must be familiar with is changing the lock of the vending machine. The following steps can assist for the same:

Firstly, unlock the door with your key. Once the T-handle of the machine is popped out, you can find a little pin sticking out right behind the handle. Once you find that pin, all you have to do is to hold your key in the slot firmly with one hand and push the pin inside with another hand. For pushing the pin inside you can use a screwdriver or even a car key can work. The moment your pin is pushed inside, the key is freed from the tubular lock frame.

For re-installing the lock, put the key in the tubular lock, turn it which depresses the tab at the end. Put the lock inside the T-handle and you will hear a click ensuring the lock is placed. Push the T-handle back in the machine and your machine is properly secured.

Hence, whatever type of vending machine you are using, these are some of the basic technicalities that you can familiarise yourself with. The long and tedious journey of scaling your vending machine business is rooted in the fundamental clarity about how the machine operates.

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