Kickstart your vending business with Wendor!

Vending is the best platform for your new business and Wendor is your ideal partner in this journey.

Low investment with good ROI

Low startup costs, low involvement, low risk, flexibility, and potential for growth. Vending machines are a source of good ROI with low investment

Most expandable business

Manage multiple Vending Machines from one single app. Easily scale to various locations or even cities.

Minimum time and effort required

Install a machine at a profitable location with in-demand products. A perfect source for passive income.

Long term returns

Life of a vending machine ranges up to 15 years. Once the machines are in place, your only duties are to maintain and restock the machines as needed and earn money.

Ease of Doing business

No installation required

Just plug your Vending Machine to a socket and you are good to go. No installation or training required. Simple plug and play

Remotely Managed

Access your Vending Machine from your pocket. Get refilling stats, demand analysis, daily and weekly reports earning the most out of your investment.

Money directly in your bank account

What could be better than no percentage share or commission charges? Whatever you earn from the vending machine- all yours! Promise we’ll never get in between.

Great ROI

Low initial investment

Capital costs are relatively low. No need of any building or office space. No special skills or training- can be done part-time and home-based business 

Long Lifespan of Vending machines

Cost of vending machines can be easily recovered in a year or two depending upon location and products. And till next 15 years or more its all profits.

Less hassle – more results

Lots of potential locations

Vending machines can be put in various various locations. Public spaces, Corporates, Institutions- official or academic etc. It requires a small floor space and fits anywhere.  Read more

Wide range of products

Never limit your customers. Keep Snacks, Beverages, Fresh food (yeah even Rajma Chawal), Medicines, Hygiene Products Earphones, Charges, Raincoats, basic utilities. Anything with a standard packaging can be ended out of a vending machine.

Be an entrepreneur

Own your vending machine. Be your own boss. Offer variety and fast accessibility to your customers. 24×7

"Getting Money directly in the bank after a sale made a huge difference to our accounts"

Rahul Agarwal

Founder, Biz2Credit

How Wendor Helps you

Variety of models

Choose models of vending machines as your products demands. Read more

Unbeatable Support

We provide you with world-class support so that you can provide the same to your customers. 7 days a week support to all our customers. 


Need some customisation in your vending machine to suit your requirements. Sure

One stop Solution

Comprehensive solutions for Vending Machines. Consult us about starting a new vending machine business, upgrade your existing vending machines, get after-sales support for the hardware and software