Boost your vending business with the power of Wendor Cloud!

Upgrade your business with the most premium vending management solution with support for all cashless payments and the ability to control your machine remotely.

Vending Machine Business

Reasons to Upgrade

Maximize Revenue

40-50% increase in revenue with built-in popular cashless payment modes, customers can buy multiple items in one go. Get on-demand analysis of most sold products.

Save Operational Costs

Get notifications when the machine gets empty. Check dashboard for real-time inventory status of the machine. Reduce refilling stops, save time and money by planning your routes.

Remotely Controlled

Keep records of all transactions knowing the exact date and time, get real-time updates on inventory, reduce theft by tracking every refilling, process refunds under a minute.

Tata Power
Rate Gain

Maximize Revenue

Multiple Cashless Options

Pay through any popular payment modes like Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, GooglePay, Amazon Pay, Sodexo, Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wendor Swift (Loyalty points). The cash system in your machine can also be integrated along with the cashless system.

Fastest Multi-Vend in India

Increase your sales by up to 50% as customers can now buy multiple products in a single go. Five products can be dispensed in under 35 seconds!

No Need to Download Apps

Do not let customers pass by or force them to install an app to get products from the vending machine. Simply Choose->Scan->Pay & Enjoy!

Vending Machine Cashless Payment Modes

Save Operational Costs

Vending Machine Save Operational Costs
Real Time Inventory Management

Access and monitor real-time sales data, anytime and anywhere. Always know the inventory status and refill accordingly. Save costs and maximize profits!

Money Directly in your Bank

Supporting cashless payments by scanning QR codes. Reduces hassle and significantly increases the conversion rates.

Refiller Management

Monitor and analyze data to optimize the refilling cycles to maximize sales and hence preventing theft.

Manage Business Online

Increase Trackability

Track your refiller by knowing every refilling status. Reduce theft of products as all transactions are logged and refilling is easily tracked remotely.

Demand Analysis

No need to visit frequently to know what your customer wants. Get demand analysis and refill according to customers need and wants. 

Automatic and Manual Refunds

Gain your customer’s trust by giving automatic refunds in case of failure or provide a manual refund in seconds from your Dashboard.

Vending Machine Online Management

"Getting Money directly in the bank after a sale made a huge difference to our accounts"

Rahul Agarwal

Founder, Biz2Credit