How To Use A Vending Machine?

Today, customers worldwide are opting for contactless services.

The result of this changing market space is a rapid rise in the vending machine industry.

We are not far away from a scenario where you will find the right type of vending machine at every nook-and-corner of your city. Therefore, as customers, you should be completely aware of how to use a vending machine.

How To Use A Vending Machine?

A vending machine is basically an automated shop, generally available 24/7. How to use this box full of delightful snacks and drinks is thankfully no rocket science. You can follow these given steps and you are good to go.

1. Finding The Price And Code Of Your Item

Once you select an item for yourself, you can look for the code and price written right below it. Depending on the vending machine, the code can be numbers, letters, or both.

2. Type The Code

Once confirmed about the code of your selected item, you can type the same in the touch/press keypad. In case you have mistakenly written the wrong code, clear and cancel options can also be found on the keypad.

In a few vending machines, instead of a separate write-in code, corresponding buttons are given along with the items. This makes the process even easier.

3. Payment

Depending on the kind of vending machine, the payment method can be both cash-based or cashless.  If the machine is cash-payment-based, you can insert your currency notes or coins in the provided slots.

Many people face challenges at this step and can refer to the question ‘how to feed money in the vending machine’, in the FAQ section of the article.

In the case of cashless payment, the process is short and simple. You can easily scan the code and do contactless payments through your smartphone wallets or UPI. With credit/debit card chip readers available at vending machines, you are just one swipe away from the snack of your choice. More recently, integrated pre-paid apps are allowing users to top-up vending funds in advance as well.

4. Collect Your Changes

In the case of cash payment, the balance amount can be collected from the change collection slot of the machine. This coin chute is generally placed below the keypad and currency-collection slot.

The coin chute should be checked before and after the usage of the machine.

5. Collect Your Item

Finally, it’s time to just grab the snack or the drink you selected, from the dispensing box at the bottom of the machine. In case your item is stuck, refer to the ‘What to do if the item is stuck in the vending machine?’ question in the FAQ of this article.

Hence, using a vending machine is super-easy as well as time-saving.

In fact, in these unfortunate times of social distancing, vending machines have become inevitable for customers. So, knowing how to use a vending machine gives you multiple advantages in one go.

And, with wendor, you can start your own vending machine business now.

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