7 Features Of Vending Machines in Offices (Latest 2023)

Vending machines in offices is the new management hack to improve productivity. Researchers and MBA experts have written extensively about the leakage of productivity due to work monotony. Vending machines in offices can be a one-stop solution to address this problem. 

Experts argue that office hours are more fruitful when short breaks are taken inside the office. Vending machines facilitate such refreshment breaks within the work premises. 

Employers worldwide are recognizing the importance of tea, snacks, or coffee vending machines in workspaces. Vending machines can tackle work fatigue, loss of productivity in the second half, creativity deadlock, and whatnot!

The trick is to know that convenience within an arms-length makes an employee happy. A happy employee makes the work atmosphere more productive. A productive workspace is key to the enterprise’s success

Hence, these boxes full of delights can be one small change in your office to build the perfect atmosphere that will drive people to work.

Here are some popular vending machines for offices:

NameFeaturesBest UsePayment ModeCapacity UptoPrice
Wendor MiniAmbientMask, Sanitizers, Cigarette, Electronics, Condoms,Cosmetics, Medicines or any small itemsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID150Know Price
Wendor Ambient AmbientMask, Cosmetics, Sanitizers, Cigarette, Electronics, Condoms,Cosmetics, Medicines or any small itemsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID500Know Price
Wendor SlimCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID200Know Price
Wendor AtlasCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID500Know Price
Wendor TitanCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Nova Non-Elevator, Combo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Nova PlusElevator, Combo and RefrigeratedGlass Jars, Fresh Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Mobile, Phones, Cosmetics, Dairy products, Delicate Products and High Value ProductsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Frozone Elevator and FrozenFrozen Foods, Ice-CreamCash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price

Why Vending Machines at Offices? 

Vending machines in offices are utility shops at work.

They are filled with the right products and delivered with one click. Snacks and beverages remain the most popular items at work. During long hours of hard work, the ease that a vending machine brings to an office works like a wonder.


Benefits Of Vending Machines At Offices:

1. Time-Saving:

A brief break between work hours can get you a snack. No need to spend a single minute in transit for your “coffee breaks” anymore.

2. Automated shop:

A vending machine does not need a salesperson to sell products. The retail price for every product and the item code can dispense, immediately. 

3. Customized shop:

A vending machine in the office can be tailor-made for the office crowd. Whatever is in demand can be made an item for sale. 

4. Independent shop:

A vending machine does not have closing hours. It can work best for late hours at work or night shifts. 

5. Safety:

A vending machine in the office is a safer option to buy at any time of the day. It is kept safe inside the office premises and its maintenance is more regular.

6. Healthy alternatives:

A vending machine made for office purposes can be designed to deliver healthier snacks to its employees. It increases general efficiency.  

7. Low overhead costs:

A regularly maintained vending machine in the office means lesser maintenance and overhead costs. To stock them on a timely basis will be everything required. 

Hence, the benefits are so many that you hardly find any workplace today without a vending machine. However, while installing a vending machine in the office, one must be very strategic about a few things to take the maximum benefits out of it. 

Vending Machine In Office

Things to keep in mind while installing vending machines in offices:

Deciding the type of vending machine, its location, regular maintenance, etc. are equally important factors to ensure that the machine serves its purpose successfully. Spoke of these factors are discussed here: 

1. Wide Variety:

It is crucial that your vending machines offer a wide variety of options to your employees. For instance, a diverse variety of snacks and beverages should be preferred. For serving complete meals, options should be available for diet food, organic food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, etc. 

In the absence of such variety,  a wide scope remains open for other shops and utilities to sell their products. This scope can always attract employees outside the office premise, costing their valuable productive time.

2. Scheduling the Usage:

An organization cannot always benefit from irregular coffee breaks. Workplaces that schedule breaks are more likely to be more disciplined at work. However, that should not be translated into rigid time spans for machine usage.

3. Cost-Effective:

Vending machines are cost-effective only when they are installed with a sufficient number of employees. A regular demand is needed to keep a vending machine quite functional.

4. Inculcating Good Habits:

Vending machines in offices can find it very tricky to find the right mix of products. Promoting healthier alternatives along with snacks for munching can promote good habits amongst employees.

Therefore, employers must try to strike a balance between serving good and healthy food along with regular attractions in snacks and beverages.

5. Customer support:

A vending machine can be sometimes tricky when your chosen item gets stuck inside the machine. Coin getting stuck or machine rejecting the note intake are some frequent problems that vending machine users face. 

Therefore, providing a good customer support line to improve employee satisfaction is very important.

5. Regular Check and Maintenance

Vending machines are not free of challenges. However, they are a cost an organization mostly benefits from. For several of the vending machine challenges, regulated management is a must.

A regular check to ensure stocks in a vending machine can benefit everyone alike.
Hence, when you install a vending machine at your office, make sure to put in place a good repair and maintenance facility as well.


Vending machines in offices serve as quick shops for different kinds of utilities. It need not be restricted to food materials but can also include sanitary napkin vending machines, mask vending machines, etc.  It helps both the office-goers and also the management to ensure a lively as well as a modern working atmosphere.

Thus, vending machines in offices have become more essential than mere utility machines. The technological interface and the ‘pay and collect’ mechanism have become very popular across countries. 

It only benefits to make demand meet supply and a vending machine does just that. At Wendor, we try to precisely understand office needs and supply the same in their footstep. With highly modernized smart vending machines, we offer robust machines with features like anti-theft, multiple payment modes, hybrid conveyor and spring belt dispensing systems, etc. 

The goal is to bring the convenience of employees to your fingertip for a healthy work atmosphere. 

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