Where Can I Purchase Used Cashless Vending Machines?

The future of Vending Machines in India has a lot of potential for growth and many unexplored opportunities.

There are many firms that sell vending machines in India.

But what ultimately helps you decide from where and at what cost to purchase a vending machine depends upon the following:

  1. The size of your business
  2. The purpose of buying that vending machine
  3. The features and modes of payment you want in your machine

There are popular sites like Indiamart, which offer a large variety of vending machines from different companies.

This site helps you compare the prices of different machines available in the marketplace.

It consists of old and used-only currency-accepting vending machines and also the latest 21st-century vending machines equipped with the latest technologies.

Start-ups like Wendor.in sell their state-of-the-art motherboard technology called ‘Wendor Touch,’ which helps one reinvent ones already existing old vending machines.

Wendor Touch completely transforms your old, outdated machine into a 21st-century machine. It helps increase sales by vending items faster and also supports most payment methods preventing loss of sales.

It also reduces the operational cost of a vending machine by their refilling services and, last but not least, allows the vendor to control his/her operations remotely.

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Anjali Singh

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