Why Doesn’t India Have Vending Machines Like Japan?

Japan has always been one step ahead in all the technological advancements that take place around the world; they provide the best state-of-the-art technology at the most minimal rates and prices, making it available to all.

Similarly, the vending machines when first were introduced in Japan, people were more than keen to use these machines. This made vending machines a very popular mode of acquisition in Japan.

Why Doesn’t India Have Vending Machines Like Japan?

These Japanese vending machine manufacturing companies, which have already made their mark in their local market, are now taking over the Indian market by storm.

Since the time of their move, companies who have already attained the majority of the market in India have sold their old model of machines, which still only accept notes as the only mode of payment and use a keypad instead of touch screens.

The best way to up your game in the vending machine business in India in the 21st century is by acquiring the best vending machine solution in the market, which also won’t burn a hole in one’s pocket. Wendor has managed to accomplish this with their product, “Wendor Touch.”

Wendor Touch is a state-of-the-art motherboard that can be fitted into any old vending machine to upgrade your old machine to a 21st-century one. It helps you too.

1. Increase Sales

Technology that supports most payment methods and lets customers vend up to 5 items in under 30 seconds instead of the normal 3 minutes that most vending machines take and with a power backup installed to not lose sale opportunities even during power cuts.

2. Reduce Operational Costs

With the help of the ‘refiller app,’ the vendor can plan the routes of the refiller to eliminate unnecessary stops and cut costs by streamlining your product ordering process.

Planning routes based on money collection and inventory control will prevent thefts and improve the trackability of the refillers. This solution also allows the vendor to transfer the money from sales into their account directly.

3. Remotely Control Your Vending Business

Provides the vendor with a live report of the machine and alerts him/her when the machine is down or not functioning properly, cutting down on the machine downtime. It also provides the vendor with daily and weekly sales reports helping one create a sales analysis from these reports.

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