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Upgrade your vending business

If you already own a vending machine, make it smart by installing our Wendor Touch®Kit.

Start a new vending business

Be your own boss. Choose a vending machine, locations and products to sell. Low investment-high ROI. Start your vending business with ease with Wendor. 

Sell your products through Wendor

Boost your current business with Vending machines. Expand like never before, low costs- mass expansion, and longer returns.

Select your right Vending Machine 

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Our Smart Vending Machines

Wendor Mark

A state of the art ambient Vending Machine with beautiful sleek design for all locations With built in touch screen and cashless payment system.

Wendor Nova

Great user attraction and experience with 22″ Touch screen elevator vending machine. Grand size of Wendor Nova reduces your refilling cycles. 

Wendor Atlas

Atlas is the smart locker style vending solution flexible for all kinds of products with the same power and reliability of Wendor Cloud.

Our Clients

Our Proprietary Cashless Technologies

Wendor Touch

Wendor Touch

This gives a premium exclusive touch and provides endless cashless payment solutions to your existing vending machine.

Wendor Plug

Wendor Touch

Robust and Reliable solution for public spaces. Now the same great User Experience with support for all major payment methods powered by keypad.

Wendor Scan

Wendor Touch

UPI is one of the best innovations in Indian Finance. Use the UPI QR as the vending payment platform to get money directly in your bank account.

Join the Revolution

“Easy to use and multiple vending of products in few seconds makes Wendor the best and most reliable vending service provider.”

Rohan Goel

Relationship Manager, Tata Power

“With Wendor I am able to control my business remotely checking sales and inventory daily. Its much better compared to others in the market with refunds percentage getting negligible with Wendor.”

Sakshi Singh

Manager, Today's Special

“This is what I have been looking for. Hassle-free. Thanks to Wendor. The ability to check the inventory and see the transactions from anywhere makes it even better. Thanks to Wendor Cloud”

Alankrit Jangid

Business Head, Vending Brothers

Wendor Helps You

Increase Sales

Customers see an increase in 40% sales of products due to our smooth system. The first machine in India which can vend 5 products in one go under 30 seconds hence increasing transaction size. Know demand analysis of products and meet expectations

Save Operational Cost 

Reduce transportation costs by knowing when refilling is needed and plan your routes accordingly. Reduce waste of items as fill only what is in demand. No commissions in between, earn from your sale and get money directly in your bank account.

Manage Your Business Online

Get machine downtime alerts, initiate refunds from the dashboard, get daily and monthly sales analytics so you know what is selling what is not? Track your refiller and reduce theft. Remotely manage your business online.

Wendor comes packed with

Simple Touch Interface

Easy to use, hassle-free interface.
Choose- Scan- Pay- Vend. Nothing could be simpler

Multiple Cashless Payments

All popular payment methods, so that you never miss a sale. Paytm, UPI (PhonePe, GooglePay), Sodexo, Credit/Debit Cards, Wendor Swift Points.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory at your fingertips. Know the status of your machine along with its refilling needs.

Sales Analysis

Analyze your daily, weekly, monthly sales in the dashboard. Know what customers demands more and earn extra 30% profits.


Dedicated refilled app, reduce theft by tracking every refilling. get notifications when refilling done.

Money Directly in Bank Account

Get money directly in your bank account. No commission no charges. Earn what you sell through the vending machine.