Wendor Nova

Great user attraction and experience with 22″ Touch screen vending machine. The grand size of Wendor Nova reduces your refilling cycles. Easy to vend delicate products as it vends via elevator

Sales Analysis

Multiple Payment options


Elevator vend

22″ Touch Screen

Elevator vend with 22″ touch screen

Best suited for any products

Fresh food
Beauty Products
Medicines & Health Products

22″ Touch Screen & Elevator vend

Premium vending machine with elevator. Give your clients a wonderful vending experience. The maginifecent machine is beauty to look at

Real-time inventory management

Wendor Nova is low maintenance and ideal for delicate products. To lower your hassle we have  real-time inventory system in the dashboard.

Know the highest performing machine and products. Control your Nova at your fingertips

Fits everything & required

Anything can be sold via Wendor Nova. Delicate products, products of various shapes and sizes. It’s one fit all machine.

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