Advertising like a Pro: A Vending Machine Billboard

Imagine a billboard that not just advertises your product but lets your customers use them, test them and trust them for the future. We are talking about a living billboard, a Vending Machine to advertise all your amazing products.

A vending machine advertises your products in a way that your customers will not just pause and look at your product but will also engage with them.

Sounds exciting? Let’s give you more idea about this unique and a highly profitable way of advertising!

Why Use Vending Machines for Advertising?

Vending machines are a common sight in virtually all countries today. The market value of vending machine business is expected to grow to $25.25 billion by 2027.

Shopping malls, railway stations, schools, colleges or metro stations- vending machines are everywhere.

The first benefit of using a vending machine for advertisement is the wide audience base it offers. Let’s explore more reasons:

  1. Locational Advantage for Targeted Advertising The best way to sell your product is to know your customer base. Once you know your target audience, your advertising strategy is well cemented.

    Vending machines takes up this workload because they are already situated in a location where they are specialized to serve the target group.

    For instance, placing a L’Oréal product ad on a vending machine near Jawed Habib Salon in a mall outweighs a general billboard advertising.

    This way, the vending machine not only advertises the brand on the body of the machine, but can also retail your diverse cosmetic products.

  2. Lesser Overhead CostsAdvertising on vending machines is much cheaper than physical advertisement or virtual ads, reason being it falls somewhere in between. A blend of digital and physical interface.

    The cost of advertisement is the mere cost of vinyl and the profit margin of the vending machine owner.

    If you own a vending machine, then advertisements on your machine is an untapped gold mine for you!

  3. Easier Maintenance and LongevityGiven the optimum size and indoor locations of vending machine, the cost of maintenance is low while the longevity of your advertisement is high.

    Moreover, once you advertise on your own or someone else’s vending machine , the supplier or manufacturer of your kit also assists you in case of any wear and tear.

Vending Machine: Use Every inch for Advertising

Body Advertising 

The most straightforward advertising is through direct display of the product for vending along with the brand display on the body of the machine. This is particularly beneficial for the FMCG sector, but also applicable for electronics, cosmetics, etc. 

Goods Display Advertising In Vending Machine

Goods Display Advertising
This kind of advertising uses a screen to display information about manufactured items.

The product information will appear on the screen when the user clicks the goods button. This enables customers to view the product’s advertising and make a deliberate purchase. It is one of the most focused types of vending machine advertising.

Display Screen Advertising 

Display Screen Advertising In Vending Machine

Nearly all smart vending machines have a wide display screen which offers innovative video advertising space.

Interactive video advertisements can also boost user engagement and produce more thorough marketing outcomes.

Mobile Payment Advertising 

With this form of advertising, the customer’s mobile phone screen will advertise your product.

The user uses his phone to pay for the item he vends and an advertisement will be displayed on his mobile screen, once the transaction is done. 

Offering Something for Free

Some businesses responded that they do not anticipate making money from vending. Rather they focus more on the sales analysis from the machines, increasing brand visibility and advertising.

Such businesses do not mind to give away free goodies through the machine and that can be an attractive advertising strategy too.

Body Advertising In Vending machine


In a fiercely competitive atmosphere shaped by technology and shifting consumer behavior, businesses are embracing innovative marketing techniques. Vending machine advertising is a vibrant new way to stay ahead in this race.

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