5 Best Snacks Vending Machines in India (In Budget)

Are you looking for the best snacks and beverage vending machine to buy in India?

Well, people will always pause their life a little for a good bite of sandwich and soda. So, the Snacks Vending Machine is definitely a win-win business.

But unlike before, there are so many varieties of snacks vending machines today, that choosing the best one for yourself can be a little confusing!

No worries, we are here to help you sail through this confusion and find the Best Snacks Vending Machine, suited precisely for your business niche.

So, read through this article to explore the best range of snacks and beverage vending machines, filled with the latest technologies and loaded with multiple customized features. Hope you find your ideal match!

Here are the Popular Snacks Vending Machines in India

NameFeaturesBest UsePayment ModeCapacity UptoPrice
Wendor MiniAmbientMask, Sanitizers, Cigarette, Electronics, Condoms,Cosmetics, Medicines or any small itemsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID150Know Price
Wendor Ambient AmbientMask, Cosmetics, Sanitizers, Cigarette, Electronics, Condoms,Cosmetics, Medicines or any small itemsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID500Know Price
Wendor SlimCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID200Know Price
Wendor AtlasCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID500Know Price
Wendor TitanCombo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Nova Non-Elevator, Combo and RefrigeratedSnacks, Beverages, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, or any packaged items.Cash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Nova PlusElevator, Combo and RefrigeratedGlass Jars, Fresh Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Mobile, Phones, Cosmetics, Dairy products, Delicate Products and High Value ProductsCash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price
Wendor Frozone Elevator and FrozenFrozen Foods, Ice-CreamCash, Card, Cashless and RFID400Know Price

Our Top Snacks Vending Machines Picks

No matter what your profession focuses on, your workspace can be made much more modern and productive with a vending machine. The type of snack vending machine you would choose will primarily depend on the nature and need of your workforce.

Do your employees need coffee or tea to spike up their efficiency in the second half of the day or do they need an organic lunch for a healthy lifestyle?

Here are some of the best picks from our side to answer all such queries you have.

Snacks Vending Machine

1. Wendor Nova

It is a premium quality Elevator Vending Machine based on  ‘intelligent’ vending features. This machine is a combination of all the best qualities one would want in one’s vending machine. You can check out these star features here.

  • An elevator-based hybrid ‘Spring + Belt slots’ for safe delivery of fragile products.
  • A drop-free dispensing of items allows you to sell whatever you want in a tray set-up.
  • Allows both cash and cashless payments and even provides an automatic refund.
  • Real-time analysis and online inventory management dashboard.
  •  Accommodate a variety of products ranging from glass bottles, jars, dry snacks to even fresh food items.
  • High-quality antifoaming for heating/cooling insulation.
  • Multiple refrigeration variants are also available.
  • Anti-theft automatic delivery tray locking system.

Features like anti-vibration, anti-shaking, and a dual-layered toughened class, give premium durability to the machine!

No wonder, Wendor Nova is one of the favorite snack vending machines in India.

2. Wendor Atlus

Wendor Atlas is like a synonym for Smart vending machines. Features of Wendor Atlas are too enticing to say no to!

  • A combo, ambient, refrigerated model type.
  •  Multiple payments are allowed including cash, cashless, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, GooglePay, etc.
  • Temperature ranges from 4-25 Degree C.
  • With a five-shelve arrangement, you can arrange your snacks, beverages, fresh food, etc. in whatever manner you want.
  •  Allows medicine, cosmetics, electronics, or other packed items vending as well.
  •  Remote management and real-time digital inventory management.

These features are robust enough to take truckloads of stress away from the operator. Not just this, the design of Wendor Atlas is aesthetically a treat for the eyes!

Wendor Atlus

3. Wendor Titan

A rugged and sturdy multi-vending option, Wendor Titan is another name for convenient, quick, and hassle-free vending. To make your experience smooth and easy, Wendor Titan offers the following features.

  •  7-inch touch screen for easy interaction.
  • Rugged metal body with dual-layered toughened glass.
  •  Multiple payment options with sensors for auto refund
  • Anti-shaking design for reduced theft
  • 4-9 Degree C temperature variability.
  • Completely customizable to fit your needs such as Vinyl printing to attract customers, customizable touch display, etc.

4. Ice-Cream Vending Machine

Who doesn’t like a delightful scoop of ice cream in the middle of a busy day? Therefore, ice cream vending machines can be a very new and profitable enterprise. These machines offer the following features:

  • Sturdy metal body
  •  Antifoaming-based high-quality refrigeration
  •  Based on the seasonal requirement, this vending machine can also be used to vend, masks, sanitizers, etc.
  •  Anti-vibration, and anti-shaking features for security.

5. Table-top Vending Machines

As the name suggests these machines are relatively smaller in size so that they can be placed on tables or slabs easily. Their most common usage is found in the tea and coffee dispensing business. No wonder, it is this table-top vending machine that you will find in almost every office, hostel, PG, etc.

But one thing to keep in mind before you finalize your choice is to start out with a single machine. This will help you understand the popular demand of the specific site and patterns of sale. After this, you can add new machines to increase the profits without incurring any massive loss at the beginning.

Snacks For Vending Machines

Most of the Snack Vending Machines have in-built features for customization. So, you can explore and experiment with multiple food products and test which product is best suited for a given location.

The snacks that you can try stocking in your vending machine can be packaged snacks such as chips, chocolates, cookies, nankeens, etc. These products have almost perennial demand in almost all locations. You can check out our separate article on Top selling products in a vending machine to get a complete idea of what sells most in India.

Snacks Vending Machine

Tea, coffee, energy drinks, protein shakes, juices, coke, soda, etc. are the best beverages to go on the side of these packaged snacks. You can also have a vending machine completely dedicated to beverages. Always remember to stock in bottled drinking water or glass water in your machine.

However, at certain locations such as hospitals or primary schools, a preference for healthy snacks and food items is there. At such locations, you can opt for fresh food items such as fruits and vegetables.

You can also try full-fledged meals like rajma-chawal, poha, burger, noodles, etc. too. But, belt tray or elevator tray dispensing systems are required in these cases instead of gravity-based drop-down dispensing.


So, if you wish to start a vending business, this complete guide to the Best Snack Vending Machines in India will help you choose the most suited option for yourself.

At wendor, we provide you with smart vending options for all our products. With us, you experience all the modern-day features of vending – multiple-payment methods, remote inventory management, robust machine designs, and diverse varieties of products for sale.

Most importantly, with wendor, you experience a healthy company-client relationship, where we support you at every step of your vending business journey!

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