“Water water everywhere not a drop to drink.”

The water crisis is creeping into major cities and towns of India and abroad. Chennai in 2015 declared Day Zero when there was almost no water left for drinking purposes. In this context, water vending machines are emerging as a life-saving solution for sustainable and consistent water availability.  

Water vending machines have made clean drinking water accessible and affordable. It has the potential to reach almost everywhere providing clean drinking water all the time. 

It is an answer to the long queues in front of water tanks or miles of walk by women to fetch water from distant water sources. In fact, health experts recommend having at least eight glasses of water daily. This is a basic requirement to build a strong and healthy India with a productive human resource capital.  

Hence, the requirement for water vending machines is unavoidable and their demand is constantly growing, These machines can be installed in the office, schools, colleges, parks, railway stations, malls, airports, etc.

Therefore, it is an inexpensive way to not only make profits in business but also contribute something to society by fulfilling their most basic need. 

Water Vending Machine: Top Quality Vending Machines In India

About Water Vending Machine

Water vending machine offers a solution to pure drinking water to all the members of society. This automatic vending machine provides pure hygienic water as one provides input to it.

As the water gets dispensed, it simultaneously gets refilled from the main storage tank. The water vending machine works on a mechanical float arrangement.

 As one selects the quality, water flows by gravity into the bottles or cans. The flow rate is maintained with the help of a Ball Valve, Solenoid Valve, and Timer System.

By inserting cash or coin or through digital transaction the command given water gets dispensed.


Features of Water Vending Machines

There is a wide variety of water dispensers available in the market.  They are easy to position and efficiently remove dirt particles in water. They provide clean crystal water. 

They can also be customized according to the specifications of the customer.

Some of the important features of these machines need to be kept in mind while purchasing water vending machines. 

  • Providing high quality of water uninterrupted 247 
  • Low power consumption and can be backed by UPS or battery
  • Easy to install, tabletop, or can be wall-mounted
  • Display for, dispenser status: Number of jars dispensed and cash collected
  • Alphanumeric LCD with the smooth touch experience
  • Superior food-grade stainless steel for resistance to corrosion
  • Greeting option program, Musical indication during water dispensing
  • 100% tamper-proof coin input, cumulative coin count, and expandable validator 

 The water vending machine overcomes the challenges of unsafe drinking water. It provides the opportunity for business and service to humanity, an apt investment.

Water Vending Machines

Benefits Of Investing In Good Water Vending Machine

The demand for water vending machines are everywhere, be it educational institutes, office spaces, or general public place. Water is a basic utility and the public and private sectors are working to provide this facility to common people with more and more ease.

Hence, an increasing number of budding entrepreneurs are inclining towards investing in water vending machines. Here are some of the reasons why-  

1. Small Investment Big Profits

The water vending machine requires a small investment that has a huge return on investment. It already has market potential and huge demand from consumers. 

In a medium traffic area, the water vending machine will provide you return within a few months. There is great ROI on water vending machines.

2. Easy Way To Earn And Learn

The water vending machine generates passive income. You don’t require an operator and can track real-time sales. Easy maintenance and anti-theft features provide security and assurance. 

You can manage all your vending machines through an online portal. Refer to our article on how to manage vending machine business successfully.

 3. Service To Humanity

The world is facing an increasingly worsening water crisis. Water pollution has impacted us all. Today, underground water contains numerous chemicals, pesticides, and microbes.

This contributes to serious health issues such as cancer, genetic mutation, birth defects, infertility, etc.

The water vending machine works on the scientific process of purifying water. Hence,  by providing easy availability of clean drinking water, these machines can save millions of lives

4. Water With Minerals And Taste

Chemically, water is tasteless. The taste enhancer and the minerals added will make it the best beverage option. There are many benefits of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

The decreased oxidation-reduction potential alkaline water vending machine will thus provide antioxidant benefits to the consumer

 5. Environment Friendly

The water vending machine reduces the use of plastic bottles and wastage of water. Water vending machines reduce plastic waste and protect our environment.

Water vending machines have a tremendous impact on everyone’s life and have immense business potential. So choosing the best product is crucial for the enterprise and service.

Best Water Vending Machines in India 

Today, the market is filled with a wide variety of water vending machines. But the abundance of options often causes confusion and leads to wrong buys. Therefore, it is important to understand your own requirement as per your decided location of the vending machine and accordingly make the purchase.  

So, why are you waiting for? Start your vending machine business now.

At Wendor, we are offering high-standard premium water vending machines which are customized as per the requirement of the client.

We are proud to say that all our products meet national and international safety and standard norms. The water vending machine we manufacture is built with high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel and comes in different volume capacities.

These are Smart Water Vending Machines with extremely simple user interfaces. Wide touch screens, endless payment options, anti-theft features, real-time tracking, etc. make our machines one of the most attractive options in the country.  

With easy maintenance and refilling, you have to just sit back and relax. The dashboard provided, helps you to track daily water dispensed, give refunds, and check the vending machine’s status at your comfort.

High-quality purified drinking water will be thus available to all at a cheaper price and with perfect convenience.


Continuing with our legacy of premium products Wendor offers a wide range of water vending machines at a competitive price. They are made of superior quality and are customized according to the requirement.

They are very easy to install at any place. Such as railway stations, bus stations, schools, hospitals, etc.  So if you’re looking for this impactful service to humankind, join us in this journey at wendor.in